We know how exciting it is to watch your new home being built from the ground up. Thats why we broke down the big picture to give you a better idea of what to expect from your construction timeline. Keep in mind that on average, it takes approx. 8 to 12 months for a new home to be built in Mexico.

When does construction begin after I choose my floor plan?

Before we can break ground on construction, we must finalize a few important things. These steps take 30 to 50 days from start to finish. The essential step to start it all is secure the financing either by a loan or direct payment. Once certain documents are approved, you get the green light to move forward.

Another big step is personalizing your new home. This creative process takes time, consideration, and collaboration. With lots of exciting decisions to be made, your selections must be finalized before we start the building.

Permit approval from local jurisdictions is also a big deal. We do all we can to keep every process and procedure on track, at every level.

Once construction is handed off to the construction team, we can get an expected delivery date. And that means your personalized new home is well on its way!

Are there factors that can affect the building time?

The simple answer is yes, there are some basic things that can impact the construction schedule. For instance, we can experience rainy seasons, natural disasters like hurricanes, or building materials that take too long to arrive.

We absolutely understand that buying a new home is a wonderful experience, but it can also feel like… a lot. Your sales counselor will keep you updated with important news, so you always know what is happening.

How will I know if the building is on schedule?

We are big on communicating and do lots of it. Your sales counselor will give you a detailed overview of the entire process early on. This helps set realistic expectations, so you have an accurate idea of what to anticipate moving forward. If we encounter unexpected challenges or delays, we promptly let you know, and adjust accordingly.

Are there milestones to know my home is on schedule?

There are multiple stages where you have one-on-one, pre-set meetings to keep you informed. Two of the most important are when the walls have been placed and homeowner orientation.

Having the walls is a fantastic opportunity for you to confirm that all the options you selected from are exactly what you ordered, giving you a better sense of how it will look when its finished.

The thrill of move-in day is getting closer, and it’s time for your homeowner orientation. From air conditioning to appliances, this meeting means your home is complete. A member of the construction or customer service team demonstrates all of your home’s fully functioning features, so you understand how everything works before you get the keys.

How can a homebuyer help keep the process moving along?

The foundation of a new home is built on relationships and that includes engagement and communication. We encourage you to ask questions, stay involved, and know that you have a trusted partner every step of the way.

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